RECARO Classic Pole Position (ABE)

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Black leather/Pepita fabric

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    RECARO Classic Pole Position (ABE)

    We took the traditional design of classic-look seats and brought it up to date to create the RECARO Classic Pole Position (ABE). This Classic version of our road-legal RECARO Pole Position (ABE) racing shell, developed from the RECARO shell for the Porsche 964 RS, means you no longer have to choose between authentic appearance and modern safety standards. With its timeless shape and classic vintage covers, this seat will look at home in even the most sporty of vehicle interiors.

    Standard features
    + Glass fiber-reinforced plastic (GRP) seat shell.
    + Weight approx. 7.0 kg (without sidemount and baseframe).
    + ABE/TÜV component certification*.
    + Belt slots for 4-point belt.
    + Also suitable for use with a 3-point belt.
    + Replaceable seat cushion and backrest cushion.
    + Paddable lumbar support.
    + Classic RECARO emblem.

    *ABE/TÜV component certification with 3-point belt available for many vehicles. For further information on specific vehicles, please contact an authorized RECARO partner (ABE/TÜV component certification only in conjunction with RECARO baseframe and sidemount).

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